Phyllis Madonna

“Holland & Knapp Construction is based on honesty, integrity, and loyalty. I wanted to build an Irish Tudor home that represented me as an individual. Holland & Knapp Construction took my dream and made it a reality. When we started my home I would submit my ideas and the team would research and hire the best subcontractor for the job. Each man’s skill surpassed that of any other in his field. It was wonderful for me to create a dream and see it gradually come true.”

Clint and Connie Pearce

Growing up in a small town such as San Luis Obispo, CA, you learn quickly that research by word of mouth recommendations can often result in finding the best company for the job. This was absolutely the case when we first met Carty Holland, owner / operator of Holland & Knapp Construction. Talking to families within our children’s elementary school we were simply stunned at how many homes Holland & Knapp Construction had remodeled. More remarkable was the affection and appreciation those families still had for Carty and his crew years after the job were completed. For this very reason, we chose to have Carty out to see our remodel job. As it would turn out, we would eventually be building an entire new house, keeping one wall standing for the “remodel” purpose. And in the end, this was really the best. We were taking a 100 year old house and hoping we’d find a board worth saving.

Maybe it’s Carty’s love for old things or that he loved the architectural style of our home, but we found him to be building this home as if it were for his own family. He took care to research every item before making a decision on how the home’s walls would change. Holland & Knapp Construction made our house a home. Preserving the history and character (old bones as Carty says) of the home, while giving us all the comfort of the latest technologies and amenities available to a new home.

We think the best testimony we could give Holland & Knapp Construction is that after our job was completed, we were so tickled with our new home that we highly recommended them to my Mother, who chose to build herself a new home.

“Holland & Knapp Construction… Whether it’s preserving the past or creating your dream, they are professional and competent in every aspect of the job.”

Hal and Maria Sweasey

“Thank you for all your help in remodeling our house. Of course we have to appologize for not using you for our addition. What a mistake!!! You told us what to expect in both price and challenges but we went with the cheaper option only to have that contractor say that he had to increase the price to cover the items you already knew would be a problem. So, naturally, after you did such an amazing job of remodeling our kitchen and bathroom that we refer you to everyone so feel free to have any who’s thinking of using you to build/remodel to call us and we’ll save them the time and headache of making the wrong choice. We can’t express enough how nice it is to work with someone with so much experience, knowledge, integrity and follow through.”

Karrie and Randy Smith

“Holland & Knapp Construction was referred to us in 2005 by other friends. We were looking for someone whom we could trust to build on a home that we were not be able to oversee ourselves… So we asked ourselves many questions:

Can we talk to and trust this company to carry out our job fully? How do we find about their integrity? Will their product be what they promised us? Who do they employ? How do they make sure their promises are delivered by their employees? Can we find someone who cares about their quality of work and still make the price reasonable? Are we sure we want to do THIS exact design or might this builder be creative enough to come with other ideas?

From our first introductory meeting, Carty Holland was a willing accomplice in our “re-model” of 1000 square feet of a beach cottage. He asked us if this design was set in stone because he had some thoughts about other beach places he had done and had some thoughts in implementing what we had architecturally devised on paper…

He then brought to the table ideas he had hashed about with his architect and came up with some options to our design. He left and developed them further. We met again…

He met with us several times before we hired him on and remained convinced each time that he was an anomaly in the building business: he was consistent with his attention to detail, and all his recommendations gave him rave reviews about his workmanship, his employees, and the consistency of his being on the site and managing his workers (who were the same men throughout the job!)

When Carty and his men told me that something would be done, it was. And when it wasn’t, there was a reasonable good reason why it wasn’t. Most of the time, we knew ahead of that progress… We left our home open to them on many occasion and each time came back to discover more done and minute details attended to:

Paint color a bit off- they re-painted. Suggested to build a table in, rather than buy one.. had the design sketch ready when I returned. Asked for permission to paint another room in the house because it didn’t match up to the newly remodeled kitchen paint…

Re-trimmed the window casing because it didn’t seem “right”… When price was an issue for us with currently designed and decided upon facets of the job, we expressed concern and staff were readily available to help with alternative suggestions to meet the cost cap. The men were considerate about cleanliness, timely visits to our home, and were professional each and every time we came to see the progress…

We consider Carty and Holland & Knapp Construction our friends. How many people can you say that about (especially those who you have paid, had contracts with, and have been in your house for 5 months banging away)?

For all these reasons, I’d recommend Holland & Knapp Construction. If you need to talk to someone, please feel free to ring us.”

Carole Tucker

“Thank you for the wonderful job! We appreciate your attention to detail as if it was your own home. I know we will enjoy the deck and the new room.”

Phylis Madonna

“I had the pleasure of spending over two years with Zachary Knapp as he worked as the project manager in building my new home. He is an excellent fine finish carpenter and works on all phases of building. He does amazing creative work and takes pride on his accomplishments.

Besides being a polite and hardworking young man, Zachary has a take-charge personality and makes sure every job gets done efficiently and correctly.”

Lois Gaines

“Zachary did an outstanding job of organizing the timeline of my project. He always kept me informed of any changes and gave me nightly updates on the next days activities. Zachary and his crew always arrived on time, promptly and efficiently set up for the day, performed in a very professional manner and totally cleaned up the construction site every day before departing. Zachary’s attention to detail resulted in a kitchen more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! He worked his magic in making everything fit together perfectly within an older home that suffers from age and foundation problems. I can’t say enough about Zachary’s patience and his ability to listen. I know that my inquiries and concerns were listened to and taken seriously. His positive attitude is one of his many fine attributes. I was very impressed. Thank you, Zachary, and your entire team!”

Amy White

“Thank you for being such a professional – it’s refreshing in the world of contractors!”